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JAV kariškiai puola atgal: Jemeno husių sukilėliai buvo apšaudomi

- The US military has initiated fresh airstrikes against Yemen’s Houthi rebels, as confirmed by officials last Friday. These strikes successfully neutralized four explosive-laden drone boats and seven mobile anti-ship cruise missile launchers last Thursday.

The U.S. Central Command announced that the targets posed a direct threat to both U.S. Navy ships and commercial vessels in the region. Central Command emphasized that these actions are crucial for safeguarding freedom of navigation and ensuring safer international waters for both navy and merchant vessels.

Since November, the Houthis have consistently targeted ships in the Red Sea amidst Israel’s offensive in Gaza, often putting at risk vessels with no apparent ties to Israel. This endangers a vital trade route connecting Asia, Europe, and the Mideast.

In recent weeks, with support from allies including the United Kingdom, the United States has intensified its response by targeting Houthi missile stockpiles and launch sites.


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